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I came across this article on and had to share. Although it leads towards the US commercial real estate market it is still sound, sage advice for Canadian business owners. Particularly the points about reducing your operational costs, owning, rather than renting your facilities, renting the building to your successors for additional retirement income, and of course, owning an appreciating asset can help you build your retirement nest egg over time.

If you are a business owner and you need new space for your growing business, why not look at buying over leasing. We can help you find the best building and negotiate the best price and terms for you as well.

Remember, the only name and number you need for real estate (including commercial real estate) in Manitoba is (204) 33-Mario. That’s (204) 336-2746,

Regardless of the economic climate, arguments can always be made for why small business owners should purchase their commercial properties. With a steadily growing economy and still historically low interest rates, reasons to buy rather than rent are incredibly compelling right now. I have worked with entrepreneurs and the […]

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