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If you don’t know me or my career up to this point, I have been able to create from the ground up a successful residential real estate investment business. When people discover this, they ask me why did I choose to get a real estate license to sell real estate in Manitoba? Well the answer is simple, I have been mentoring various current and future successful real estate investors for over 10 years now, and I have shown a few of them how to start and how to build their real estate investment businesses. But they would always ask? Mario, can you come with me to look at investment properties, because I want your advice and I trust your opinion? So the obvious choice was to get my real estate license to help them right from step one to make sure they do not make any mistakes like so many other investors do.

Many of the mistakes and pitfalls new inexperienced investors make are discussed in this article. However, a single article and blog post does not provide a solid foundation or education needed to be successful as an investor. Not to worry though. The only name and number you need for Real Estate in Manitoba is 33-Mario.

Investing In Deals You Don’t Fully Understand Real estate is not like other investments. Take stocks, for example. If you buy stocks the worst that can happen is you lose the money you invested, right? However, what’s the worst case scenario with buying real estate the traditional way? You […]

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