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Join Us On Portugal Day On Saturday, October 5th

A Personal Invitation From Mario Lopes

Attention everyone of Portuguese descent!!

On Saturday, Oct 5th, from 11 am until 5 pm. The FC Valour soccer team has established a Portuguese day where we can show our support for the Portuguese soccer players on the team and the Portuguese community in general. This is not about any specific affiliation to any church or center or group. This is not about being from the mainland or the Acores or Madeira etc.

This is simply about all of us being Portuguese and all joining together as brothers and sisters to show how proud we are to be Portuguese! During the Euro Cup and World Cup, all of these Portuguese flags show up on vehicles to show support for team Portugal, well let’s actually all get together with our flags and jerseys and sit together and show the world that Winnipeg has the best Portuguese community period.

This event is about the Portuguese community getting together in as large a group as possible to show the world that we have a proud and amazing Portuguese community here in Winnipeg.  We will all be sitting together waving our Portuguese flags and wearing our Portuguese jerseys. This will be filmed on TV and social media and it will get back to other Portuguese communities around the world.


If one Portuguese person far away says “WOW, look at the Portuguese community in Winnipeg and how United they are” then to me, it will be great. If one older Portuguese grandparent attends with their grandchild and that grandchild is waving the Portuguese flag proudly and a tear comes to the eye of the grandparent, then to me, this was more than I could have asked for. This is simply about the bond we all share at any age to be proud to be Portuguese in Winnipeg

The FC Valour soccer team has asked for my help and I am honored to help with such an amazing event, but I need your help as well. So far, the preliminary plan is to have a Portuguese tailgating experience in the east parking lot of the Investors Group Field starting at 11 am on Saturday, Oct 5th.


The hope is to all meet and organize ourselves in this parking lot and then to all parade into the stadium at 2 pm. We will parade around the field and then go to sections 143, 142 etc which are on the north side of the stadium. The FC Valour have reserved thousands of seats for us to all sit together as a group.

The banda Lira De Fatima will play “O Canada” to open up the actual game. We will watch the game. At half time, the goal is to get various dancers from all of the Portuguese dance groups with live musicians playing the accordions and guitars to perform a few dances. Keep in mind, we only have a full 10 minutes for the half time show.

After the game, the plan is for all of us to go onto the field and take some once in a lifetime pictures of thousands of Portuguese people all at one place at one time. This will be absolutely amazing!

Apparently there are well over 25,000 Portuguese people in Winnipeg, I am going to dream big and hope for thousands to show up!! I need your help, please. First of all, share this post to reach as many people as possible. Get your groups together and go to this link:

Enter the promo code: PORTUGAL

And order your tickets so that you and all of your family and friends can sit together. There is a special price of $20 per ticket for an adult and $15 for youth age 15 and under. You will order and pay for your tickets directly through the FC Valour link.

If anyone has a language barrier or does not have access to a computer, then please call me at 204-336-2746.


As of now, we are less than a day away and over 1053 tickets have been sold to enjoy the Portugal Day event at the FC Valour soccer game on Saturday, Oct 5th.

As an added benefit, we have now secured free parking for our community in the U lot which is on the south side of Investors Group Field (The red square on the map above). You must arrive and be parked no later than 12 pm in the U lot. In the same lot beginning at 11 am on the same day will be a Portuguese Tailgating Party!! You really don’t want to miss that. I hope to see you there.